Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS


“Ow,” I yell out. “I get you’re mad, but really?” Already starting like any other Lazarus day: bad. Though, ain’t the first time I was slapped by a woman.

“You brought a cop to the compound.” Now Gina is a shadowrunner in her own right. Well trained with a bunch of cyberware. So, if she slaps you, it’s going to hurt.

“Can I explain?” Gina glares at me. It’s hard to think of her as the vicious killer when she’s dressed in comfortable clothes and her kids are playing quietly in the other room. Gina is attractive to be sure, so no wonder that she’s Sunder’s main squeeze. Gina holds her open hand to me prompting me to answer.

“Look, the place was compromised. You can’t go back and you know it. Just like in trade craft. Burn the bridge after you cross it. How many magical forensic professionals do you know outside of law enforcement? Don’t know about you, but I know only one. Sure I could’ve searched for another one in a more acceptable non-profession. I like to take the devil I know, thanks much.”

“Lazarus,” Gina fumed, “that’s not the point. I should’ve been consulted before you brought someone in. Not a fan of people taking initiative when it’s not something I’d agree to.”

Since when did she become my boss? If I wanted people to tell me what to do, I’d go back to Langley working for the government!

“Well, what’s done is done.” I think she may have heard my eye roll. “My guy tells me we got some major spirit action involved here. I confirmed that the attack was from the Azzies, but the spirit, life-energy stealing thing is clearly not. These blood spirits or whatever apparently despise being here.”

“Here?” Gina interrupted.

“You know, this… plane of existence? To conjure up one of them is truly making a deal with the devil, and apparently the Azzies have made a deal with some. Ask your boyfriend for the details, ’cause he ought know better than me. The most troubling thing though-”

“There’s more ‘troubling things’?”

“Is that Moriarty thinks that a free blood spirit is involved. These things need a constant snack of people’s life to stay here. And it seems this one intends to stay.”

“Didn’t you just say,” Gina does her mocking impression of me, " that they ‘despise being here’?"

I’m startin’ to despise being here. Yeah, so if it wants to hang out and slum with the metahumans, that spirit wants something.”

“Or,” Gina added, “that spirit is being forced to stay somehow. Either way…”

Gina’s voice trails off and things go quiet. Either way, it’s bad news.


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