Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS

YOU touch it!

The jerky camera movements aside, the image quality of the amateur video played during the evening news still showed with crystal clarity. Three young men from the backwoods of rural Virginia are seen beside what appeared to be a black, featureless wall.

“Touch it man!” yells one of them to the others. “Touch that <bleep>!”

“Nah, man,” answers another angrily. “you <bleep> do it!”

“I ain’t touchin’ that <bleep>,” answers the third, shoving the other two.

“Y’all just don’t got the <bleep> for it!”

“Huh?!” says one man, facing the black wall. “This is weird <bleep>.” He gestures to the wall, and is suddenly shoved toward it, his right arm plunging into the blackness. The man cries out in pain, pulling away from the wall, less the amount of the arm that had entered the darkness. He drops to his knees grasping the stump, the blood spurting from the arteries of the severed limb pixelated so that the gore of the bloodied, but perfectly severed, stump could not be seen.

“Oh, <bleep>!” says the other two in unison. “Dude, man, y’all gonna need to see someone ’bout that!” The two frightened men run toward their truck leaving. The fourth man, holding the camera only says, “<bleep>. Aw, man, let me find some bandages or something.”

The man missing the limb falls over unconscious, blood oozing into the Earth as the camera video stops.


keithalanclark keithalanclark

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