Aagal Haa Vadzaih [Runs with Caribou]

Caribou Shaman of the Gwich’en


Aagal Haa Vadzaih (aa’gale haa vad’zai) is a member of the Gwich’en tribe, inhabiting a small cabin on the north eastern outskirts of the already loosely arranged homes of the Arctic Village citizens. She is fairly old, at 55 years, and appears as if she has very little dilution of other races (i.e.: mostly native American in appearance). Her hair is black streaked with white strands, tied into two tight braids. She wears two caribou antlers as shoulder pads to what appears to be makeshift caribou leather armor. Thick, fur lined mittens and boots, plus a hooded fur lined leather coat. She also wears a fur scarf which covers much of her face, as well as a set of expensive, mirrored, mutli-function smart goggles with low light and vision magnification. She has a hunting rifle and a large, single edge ax. The ax is made from a rare wood that settled at the bottom of a frozen local lake, easily making the log several hundred years old. The head of the ax is inscribed with images of a caribou’s head on both sides. No modern techniques were used to create the ax head, including the etching of the caribou images.


Aagal Haa Vadzaih [Runs with Caribou]

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