"Big Daddy"

A puppet of a fixer...


At the end of the Waterboy, you see Bobby’s dad Roberto (a.k.a. “Bob”) dressed in a 70’s style, pink suit, the pants stretched up over half his tumor of a gut. The white penny loafers and wide collar scream “loser”, and his deep Southern drawl only deepens that appearance. This, in essence, is Big Daddy… a guy only big in his mind.


Big Daddy is an example of what to do wrong when working in the Shadows. After a number of years in the employ of the powerful fixer Galgoo, Big Daddy decided to start some “side action.” One such instances caused him to run afoul Grummish, Kane, and Lazarus. He got a major cyberware investment through Galgoo, but she got her investment of cyberware back out of him. Presently, he has a custom cybertech Skill Wires set. It doesn’t do anything special for Big Daddy, but Grummish has a remote control to move him around as a marionette. Now Big Daddy does small errands for the Richmond Chapter of the ORC.

"Big Daddy"

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