Big Girl

A troll with a taste for "Sugar Kane"


Body 11 (12) (14)
Quickness* 4 (5) (9)
Strength 10 (11) (15)
Charisma 1
Intelligence 4 (6)
Willpower 3
Essence 3.05
Body Rating .9
Reaction* 7 (8) (9)
Initiative 9 +3d6

  • = subject to overstress
    Dice Pools
    Combat 9d6
    Task 1d6

Ballistic 5 +1, +1 (7)
Impact 3 +2, +1 (6)
Punching Damage 18M


Titanium Bone Lacing 2.25 essence
Smartlink .5 essence
Cybereyes, optical .2, level 3


Super Thyroid Gland 1.4 body
Muscle Augmentation 3.2 body (level 4)
Enhanced Articulation .6 body
Orthoskin 1.5 body (level 3)
Cerebral Booster .8 body (level 2)
Mnemonic Enhancer 1 body (level 5) +5 to tests of memory
Synaptic Accelerator 1.6 body (level 2)


Firearms 6
Interrogation 4
Unarmed Combat 8
Street Etiquette (conc.) 5
Projectile 6
Police Etiquette (conc.) 5
Demolitions 6
Spanish 3
Bike 4


Custom, smartlink enabled, .50 caliber six shot revolver (troll sized grip) 12M
Ranger X Bow (smartlink enabled) 14+4M (18M)
24 Ranger X arrows
Lined Coat 5b/3i
Armored Jacket 4b/1i


Former Richmond Police Officer Kelly Lynn Peters turned runner. Her partner (Jim Lewis) was crippled and, because of loopholes in the disability insurance, was not covered for a bust gone bad. Jack owns a small neighborhood bar in Hopewell (edge of the Petersburg Barrens). Kelly has used funds from her new profession to give Jim any medical care needed. She remains on good terms with all the local gangs, though primarily by steering clear of their claims and through sheer strength. She has some contacts within Quest and Lonestar, as many of the RPD officers were subsequently hired into those two corporations.

Big Girl

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