Cochise Sanchez

Aztechnology Adept


An extremely fit, 40 something human male of Hispanic decent, Cochise stands at six and a half feet tall with short cropped hair. Built like body builder on steroids, Cochise clearly spends entirely too much time training and remaining fit. His style is brutish, brash, and uncouth.


A loyal Aztechnology employee, Cochise is a founding member of Gladio, the UFC and Aztechnology adept group. He understood that defying the Azzies would, at least, not be profitable but at worst could be detrimental to his life. Working to convince the Gladios of the need to join the Azzies, it is rumored that he gained an additional “signing bonus”. Cochise has not competed in the octagon in many years, but any aficionado knows his fighting name of the Mexican Marauder.

Cochise Sanchez

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