An average ork accustomed to the fine life


A six foot tall, average looking Ork that will wear no less than Armani. He is smart, calculating, and … insane. While highly intelligent and a practiced physician, he cares more about killing than he does saving life. He is suicidal and sees himself as invincible, after all, if proven untrue, he would be dead and not care that he was wrong.


Unarmed Combat, specialized with cyberspurs 3 (14) (15)
Armed Combat, specialized with katanas 1 (5) (6)
Armed Combat, specialized with monofilament whip 1 (4) (5)
Fire Arms, concentration pistols 8 (9)
Street Etiquette 5
Gang Etiquette 5
Corporate Etiquette 4
Media Etiquette 4
Cybertechnology, bodyware concentration 4 (7)
Biotech 7
Biotech Build/Repair 6
Magical Theory 4
Intimidation 5
Gunnery 5


Body 9 (10)
Quickness 6 (10)
Strength 8 (12)
Charisma 2
Intelligence 5
Willpower 6
Reaction 12 (12 +3d6 initiative)
Essence 0.15
Combat Pool 9

ALLERGY (mild to iron)


Muscle Augmentation (IV), 3.2 body
Retractable Spurs, customized monofilament titanium-based alloy, .3 essence
Wired Reflexes, 3 essence
Smart Gun Link, .5 essence
Titanium Forearm/Shin Guards, customized, .9 essence (+3 impact armor for melee combat)
Aluminum Bone Lacing, 1.15 essence
Orthoskin (III), 1.5 body
Enhanced Articulation, .6 body
Nephretic Screen, .4 body
Toxin Extractor (VI), 1.2 body


Unarmed Punch: 14M
Cyberspurs: 16M
Ballistic: 5 + 1
Impact: 3 1, +2, (3 melee)


Always Carried

Bug Scanner (rating 10)
2 Ares Predator II, smart gun variant (9M)
Silencer for Ares Predator II
Narco Jet pistol, smart gun variant
Armored Jacket (5b/3i)
Lined Coat (4b/2i)


Large Riot Shield (+2b, +3 dice dodge/missile)
Helmet with ultrasound, telescopic, infravision, flash suppression, radio w/ scrambler
MP Laser (15M)


Alexander Yves LeBlanc


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