Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS

GM's Spot Awards
A little gift for things that make us smile

And, in particular, amusing the GM. So, for the first “hey, that was really impressive!”… or GM amusement awards!

  • Kirah gains 2 karma for not only surviving the Volcanic Blast, but the subsequent grenade explosion with sticking a perfect landing.
  • Sunder gains 1 karma for taking a direct hit from a dragon and living to tell the tale… though he hardly remembers it giving his unconscious state.
  • Dana gains 1 karma for having the acorns to go toe to toe with the dragon, particularly after seeing Sunder smacked a hundred feet from where he stood. Thank goodness for emotion chips to resist fear.
  • Siege gains 1 karma for beating out Amber the guard dog and narco’ing her unconscious before she feasted on his carcass. And carrying the flesh eating virus into the vehicle even though it could very well have killed him.
Session 07-12-2018

And that stuff happened at the farm house with the dragon.

Discussing Trammel’s untimely demise. Slick Jimmy’s Limo service. Z is decking into Slick Jimmy’s limo service to see where she is going for the 2 hour time tomorrow. And Slick Jimmy’s system has the firewall turned on but set with the default password and the system is sparse. A locked cabinet had a password of 1234 and the unlocked was just messages for requesting rides. The locked cabinet has ‘off books’, clients, and schedules. Z obtained a copy of all those. A user in the system noticed someone else was in the system and Z just left the system.

Ms. Kitty is the client for every Wednesday 1pm to 3pm has a car to pick her up, go to a residence, leave the car and comes back in an hour.

Plan is to plant a device to plan the virus delivery device to go off at 2:29pm ET. Sunder is making Siege invisible to plan the device. Siege ran into Amber the 150lb Rottweiler with the pink collar. He shot her twice with a narco-jet letting her sleep then retrieving the 2 darts from the dog. And then he snuck out of the place with putting everything back like it was not touched.

Siege sends a surveillance drone to watch the car.

The car takes off and parks at a location. The driver and the body guard leave Trammel in the car. Then a pedestrian walking by jump in. Just about 230pm the gentleman caller leaves and the driver and body guard return and she is driven to city hall.

The drone trailing the car get knocked out of the sky so it probably lost communication with the last image of it being run over by a city bus.

Virus has 1 to 2 hours life. Siege will go back to get the box from the limo. So a mage will go with Siege to turn him invisible and Sunder cast flight on him . Siege looks for amber who is sleeping by her dog house. He gets into the car, gets the box and returns back over the fence.

And on the news feeds… A 9 block radius of Leone, France was destroyed in a very large explosion like a tack nuke after a sketchy group of trolls went into a building then a very large explosion happened. The large building was under construction and owned by Swift Enterprises (vaguely remembering this company but company owned by Jonathan Swift) almost completed. The building was multi-use (office and residential) and there were underground levels were built into the foundation but not on the building plans.

Z looked at travel plans into France and trying to look for groups of trolls entering the country in the past few days.

Sunder called grummish to check in. Grummish said such a tragedy. 13 trolls go in and none some out. Wonder they will learn from this and prevent such in the future. He winks at Sunder and I know how to make a statement and will talk to you soon.

The maiden group was badly beaten by a group from a subsidiary for the owner of Swift Enterprises which is Head quartered in Hong Kong. The Cuba facility that tortured folks was owned by Swift Enterprises. The dragon……

The Leone site was a former cathedral building over 1000 years old.

Grummish meets the team at the Family Rec center. Kane mind controlled thls guy and instructed to allow us to use his office after Grummish was not getting positive responses.

A cybernetically enhanced dragon. The dragon council relegated him to mundane things. Jonathan Swift is this Vestrivend character. And don’t go to Leone due to radiation and contamination for a while.

The Swift Wind group needs to be destroyed to the last person.

Kaiti called Kane to find work for cash. And the group is going to the ORC to resupply and then head to Hong Kong.

Another. Fucking. Dragon.
I Blame Sunder.

“The Council has decreed that your crimes against Dragon-kind warrant your deaths, and I am here to carry out their sentence.”

She was a slender female, seemingly walking on air (not that I couldn’t have pulled that off, but still…points for style), emerging from the darkness, and she had … dead eyes.

I reached for the magic, and even though the place had been devastated by our last visit (sphere of annihilation, natch) with an incredibly dense background count, the magic responded to my commands. I felt it fill me with power, and I directed it towards the woman.

Sunder, sensing the woman in astral space, shouted “Kane, look out, she’s a dragon!”

What began as an attack spell I quickly changed into a portal, opening it underneath her in an attempt to send her away. Oh yeah, that whole walking on air thing. Guess she gets points for functionality as well as style. Shit.

The group scattered as the woman raised her hands in a violent gesture, and the whole world went white. A blast of magical fire and heat devastated the group, with nearly all of us taking serious damage. My physical senses were momentarily screwed, but I had also shifted to astral perception when Sunder warned me, and I saw some of the workings of the spell she’d cast. It seemed pretty familiar, like something I’d seen in one of the ancient texts we’d liberated from the temple in the mountains of Tibet. Note to self: Need to take a look back through that thing once we get home. Assuming we get home.

The team returned the favor, with our combat types firing everything they had at the bitch, and Sunder was preparing a big combat spell, he lit up astral space like a magnesium flare.

I saw that our erstwhile benefactor, Marshall Phillips, had been dropped by the blast, but I couldn’t tell if he had survived, so in an abundance of caution I set up a barrier to help shield him (and well, to be fair, I shielded my own lily-white ass too. Duh.). Just in time, too, as the bitch started spraying fire.

About that time, Sunder’s spell went off, a monster lightning bolt (usually my thing, but hey, you do you Sunder), and it hurt the thing. Which meant that he’d gotten her attention. Like, full attention. I could tell that casting the spell at such a high level hadn’t been easy for him, but he didn’t fall, so what the hell, maybe I’ll toss one of my own…

The physical types were going at it with this thing, Kira was lighting it up with APDS rounds, which were definitely taking a toll on it, Zee was firing all out, and Dana scored a headshot that actually drew blood.

Next thing I know, the thing vanishes, and in a wake of magic/astral energy like a shark fin through water, it bum rushes Sunder. He catches a claw swipe and goes flying into the trees. Night-night, homie.

I pull the Marshall out of the fray, and start to frantically cast spells. No, not frantically…recklessly.

Dana ditches her UZI and starts tearing it up with that crazy monowhip of hers, and she’s doing damage as well. Most of us are getting some licks in, but the damned thing must be ancient, because she’s taking it like a champ. Reminds me of this gangbang trid I caught Sunder watching in the dark one time…Shit, focus, Elf!

I cast one of the most powerful manabolts I’ve ever tossed, and it seriously wounds the thing, but the toll on me is horrific. My vision dims for an instant, and I suddenly realize that the things eyes…those dead eyes…they’re like Mei’s, the last time I saw her. Dead, and full of accusations … and disappointment.

Rage fills me and I find a reserve of inner strength. Maybe it was the rage, maybe the old gods were smiling on me, who the hell knows. Whatever the source of good fortune, I was able to push through the haze and keep fighting.

As tense and scared as I am, for the first time in a long time, I feel fully alive.

Something about the nearness of death, maybe. Or hell, maybe I was just high on endorphins or loss of blood, who knows, but I start to grin, and double down with the magic, casting twice as fast as I normally can. The drain is monstrous and I nearly collapse again, but the thing vanishes again and makes a break for it. We must have hurt it more than we realized. Yer not getting away bitch, I’m gonna mount your head on my spear.

With a flash of inspiration, I cast a portal directly in the thing’s escape path, sending it right back into the middle of the clearing for our team to finish off. It must have caught her by surprise, because instead of attacking, she grabbed Dana, and started stroking her head in some perverse parody of an old cartoon I remember from when I was a kid. I will hug him and kiss him and pet him and call him George. Dammit, the drain must be messing with my head, stay on target Red Five.

“Let me go.” And a portal opens behind her. Hey, don’t look at me, I guess she knows it too. Impossibly, while it’s past dark here, it’s daytime wherever her portal goes…I haven’t been able to open one that far away! Yet.

“Let me go, or she dies.” The dragon’s claws ruffle Dana’s hair and I can see her eyes….Dana shows no fear (Oh yeah…emotion chip.). I want to kill this thing more than I can say, but can’t risk it. She could rip Dana apart with her bare claws. I cast a couple of spells, both of the telekinetic variety. One grabs Dana and yanks her free from the Dragon’s grip, and one manages to wipe a small amount of blood from its head wound.

As I catch Dana, the Dragon vanishes into her portal, and it closes behind her. I’m exhausted, but I take time to cast a preservation spell on the dragon’s blood. Another time, bitch. We know a few ritual magic tricks that most mortal mages don’t. This ain’t over. Time to patch up our wounded and get the fuck outta here.

As tired as I am, I doubt I’m gonna sleep tonight…those dead eyes.

Katai and a Game of 9-ball

The mountain of a troll leaned over the pool table to line up his next shot. With Mugsy’s Bar gone, Katai needed to find a new place to hang out. Not necessarily the nicest joint for such a game, the Family Recreation Center, or Family Rec as most of the locals called it, was just south of the James River. A true Richmonder called that location “Souside”, with a bit of a Southern drawl and Southside sat in the shadow of the high security areas of downtown and the lawless Petersburg barrens to the south. Southside provided some security, but was a place where the illegal chips, merchandise, and drugs exchanged hands from the lawless criminals to the otherwise lawful citizens.

The place had two dozen tables, all surrounded by patrons, but some, like Katai’s, only had the betting professionals. Tonight, Katai was up 1000 nuyen, a paltry sum to be sure, but it kept the game interesting. Katai chewed his drinking straw, fixing it tightly in his teeth and tusks with every shot. Katai always carried his two pool cue cases, though one was suspiciously larger than the other. The larger case looked like it was for cues, but carried his loaded Panther Assault Canon instead, something he never left home without. The oversized Colt Enforcer pistol hung from his hip holster in plain view, to keep the riff-raft away.

His phone vibrates in his pocket just as he was shooting. “Whoa, hey something vibrating in my pants!” Katai announces loudly with a grin. “Wait a moment while I whip this out.”

Katai reaches in his pocket to pull out the device, showing that it has a trideo message from an unknown caller. “Ugh,” Katai says to his opponent. “Your game buddy, I need to take this.”

“You sure there, guy? That’s like a 1000 nuyen. Maybe just not keep our bet for this rack?” asks his opponent, a lanky, tall, dark haired man.

“Nah,” Katai replies. “Keep it. I’ll get it back later in a rematch. See ya around Jordan.”

Katai breaks down his cue, placing it in his smaller case being used for its intended purpose, then walks calmly outside to his waiting, oversized Harley motorcycle. The custom job was expensive, but no where close in cost to Katai’s actual monetary resources. After storing his two cases, Katai straddles his bike, taping the message to open it.

The bust of a well-dressed, white haired, dwarven man appears and speaks. “Greeting Katai, sir. Do you remember me?” Of course, Katai thinks. No way that memory was going away. That personal assistant of the greater feathered serpent,… dragon… named Malstrite.

After a brief pause, the dwarven assistant speaks again. “My master felt it necessary to alert me to the change in your status and pending execution. I took it upon myself to warn you that my master’s comrades have passed judgment on you and your comrades. My master would pass this message along, I am sure, presuming he was not bound by his laws. Thusly, he is not warning you. I would advise, however, that you not call for an audience with my master in the future. Should decisions change, perhaps he will see you again. But for now, I must say good bye and good luck.”

“Damn it,” says Katai aloud, shaking his head. I guess I need to let Kane know. Wonder where that guy is? Katai makes a call…

Session 07-05-2018

And the fight begins.. And a flash fire of phosphorus light that is burning like lava. Kane and Sunder provide spell defense and barriers. And then explosives go off on Kira made the save for no damage from the dragon and from the grenade exploding she does a gymnastic flip away from explosion for no damage.

Dana moved towards the dragon at speed and empties a clip from the Uzi with explosive ammo getting noticed by the dragon with putting hands up surprised by the attack.

Sunder shoots the dragon with a lightning bolt and damages the dragon. And gets the dragons undivided attention now.

Zee shoots her with an explosive tipped arrow.

The dragon bats Sunder into the trees and he was rendered unconscious.

Kane attacks her with a mana bolt. And then a fire ball.

Dana attacks her twice with a mono whip.

Kira attacks her multiple times with her AR.

Zee attacks her multiple times.

Kane places a portal in front of the fleeing dragon back to the car where Dana, Zee and Kira attack the open portal. Then the dragon grasps dana and threatens to kill Dana unless it can leave. It opened a portal to another place that had sun light and was backing into the portal where Kane cast a spall to pulled Dana from the dragon’s grasp then the dragon closed the portal.

And Colt security shows up from Marshall Phillips locator was going off. 2 Aries dragons and 24 security goons with Marshall Reins.

Sunder healed Marshall Phillips.

Marshall Phillips says the arrangement is still in place with Council person Trammell having an accident in the next 3 days.

Making a New Friend

“Oh shit!” Sunder screams after he and Kane cast some magic spells… to no effect.

“I am Grendlefly, bearer of judgment, and I am hear to carry out the sentence of death upon you passed down from the Council. Please struggle, as it provides more interest to an otherwise mundane night.” The tall woman dressed in the impractical, full length black… wedding?… dress complete with train and veil, walks slowly up the drive in the blackness of the rural night. Her skin is extremely pale, almost stark white, glowing ever so faintly. She walks slowly, though does not make contact to the ground. Everyone remembers Sunder’s announcement that she is really a feathered serpent, her astral form in no way masked, acting as a beacon in the high-interference background count of the magically chaotic location.

“Friend of y’alls?!” yells Marshall Phillips from behind his obviously government issued Ford Americar. “I ain’t interested in making a new friend!”

Session 06-28-2018 Notes

Leaving the ORC compound , Jazz, Kira, Tiz and Dana were in a Ford Americar to meet. There was an assassin shooting at the car was killed by Kira while Tiz and Dana killed the homeless dudes while the women team went to meet Sunder to get the loaded RV.

RV and Ford Americar back to the ORC. Marshall Phillips called Kane to arrange a meeting.

We met at the black hole to discuss the accidental killing of City Councilwoman Trammel. As Marshall was leaving back to his car, a dark woman figure came up the driveway. Sunder essenced and it was a feathered serpent. She said she was Grendlefly and here to dispense judgement for crimes against dragon kind. The agreement of the sentence was agreed upon by the dragon council and she is here to deliver the punishment.

Kane and Sunder are portaling around her but she is hovering.

And initiative to start the next session..

The Report for One Million Nuyen
"This better be worth it!" -Kane

Reclining in an easy chair, Kane sits quietly in the hanger, the events of the past few weeks weighing heavily on his mind. So many dead or crippled, he thinks. So much for someone to answer for.

Kane’s phone chimes indicating a new message. A quick click and he sees a simple message with a stylized side profile of a dragon, a tell-tale symbol of the expensive decker he hired to uncover information. Opening the file, the head expands to fill the screen, with a single word “Ensuring host security…” followed by “Virus enabled…” followed by “Ensuring recipient… WARNING: unauthorized use of the file will result in loss of data and destruction of device.”

“What the f-” Kane’s interrupted expletive is answered with the phrase, “Recipient verified” and the file opens. The trideo shows the holographic face of Dragon, the human woman of decking mercenaridom.

“Hi Kane. I hope this messages reaches you… ah… well, alive. Given the large purchase and the information I found, you being alive is say, 50-50. I’m a glass half full kind of girl, so here’s what I found out. I apologize for some of the large file sizes and the mountain of reading material, but you paid for it.” The holographic bust of Dragon winks at him. “To help you out, I wrote a simple AI interface to more quickly move through the data. Just talk to me and I’ll try to answer your questions. I have a library herein of video, images, and text data.”

Dragon’s holographic head leans in toward Kane to the edge of the projector’s display area. “But first things first.” Another wink. "I started the research beginning with the known attacks and subsequent propaganda pushed out through the various media outlets. I traced backwards from the attack on the TM Building in Taipei, using flight plans, radar, and various surveillance cameras in and around the building.

“I also traced backwards from the weird corporate goings on between Quest, Lonestar, and Colt. I know, Colt is a bit of an outlier, but they do come into play. I suspect Sunder may be receiving a call about some work for Colt, but that’s on you to manage. I’ll say that it appears they stand to benefit in Richmond with some of their lobbying in Atlanta. City Council might be flighty, but the federal government definitely overrules them.

“Your recent movements indicate that you probably already know the name Vestrivan, and the rather unsettling facts of him being one, a dragon, and two, vampiric? Yeah, I’m not sure I buy that second part, but the dragon part is confirmed. A greater eastern dragon, in fact. Got pictures of that, going backwards into antiquity and lore, some a bit outlandish. I think your group excels at outlandish, right?

“There’s a congressman, Terrance Blake, in Atlanta that lines his pockets with cash from Vestrivan, which should come as no surprise to you. Terrance keeps a low profile in Atlanta, preferring to throw his political weight around for Vestrivan in private. What is alarming is that several other politicians recently received an influx of 8-figure cash donations to their campaign funds from several private donors, all fronts for this Vestrivan character. This data likely resulted in the dissolution of the private donor fronts, but I have names for them and the politicians. Not surprisingly, all of these politicians are human, as metahuman politicians are less likely to be voted in. I guess Vestrivan makes only good bets. She keeps lots of government politicians in her proverbial ‘back pocket’, though not all. The Azzies, for example. Probably why she constructed some fake data linking them as the culprits for the legal bounties, the various attacks, and so on.

“Don’t know about the Cursed Ones, really. They kind of sprang up out of nowhere last year, but even more falsification of data there, most of it being ‘fake news’.. I guess the Cursed Ones like being offline, as they have virtually no Matrix footprint at all. From all accounts, the rebels in Uganda wiped them out to the last man, but somehow I doubt that. I do find it odd that the only data, some related to transfer of funds, was linked to the Richmond chapter of the Orks Rights Committee. As I’d like to live to see tomorrow, I figured I didn’t need to look any deeper there. You can ask our friendly neighborhood Ork if you have any questions about that.

“Your device has sufficient capabilities to store the data and verify identity. So, just ask your questions. If needs be, you can shut off the app and restart it later if new questions arise. And don’t attempt to remove the file or copy it. The file will disappear if you do.”

Hovering just above his device is Dragon’s head with a full teeth grin, tilting left to right slowly as if the hologram was listening to a catchy tune in it’s head. “How is she verifying my identity through the device?” Kane thinks, with a degree of worry across his non-gorilla masked face.

Kane: Ask your questions as comments to this post and you will receive answers from Dragon’s holographic program.

Upgrade Wish List
Shiny Toys!!

In order of importance I would like to upgrade
Control Rig from 2 to 3
Skillwires, Chipjack, and Skilljack to 6, currently 4 in a Renraku Tradejack Bundle
Cerebral Booster from 2 to 3
Synaptic Booster from 2 to 3

If possible now or down the line, new augments
Muscle Augmentation 4
Cybereyes and Cyberears maxed out full suite of sensors

Karma Awards: The Purge


  • …rescuing Galgoo from hunters trying to kill… well… everyone,
  • …surviving a rather nasty highway battle on Interstate 85 outside of Durham, NC,
  • …going to Cuba, rescuing your peeps,… er,… what’s left of them,
  • …getting Marshall Phillip’s Ranger back to him with your payment being some cover by Colt Security Services,
  • …figuring out from available clues who the current villain is,
  • …meeting Malstrite the greater feathered serpent again.

Dana: killing someone with ricocheting bullets under a door and insane disregard for safety (anyone’s safety) fighting on a highway; going into a closed system in Cuba and getting attacked and being “saved” via being dumped… 11 karma
Kane: getting his stuff back; leaving Big Daddy in a cell in Cuba for giving up people; getting really vengeful over Mei; talking to Ernesto in a tobacco field; and finding his loyal friends… 11 karma
Kirah: performing a perfect gymnastic feat of sliding while tossing grenades under a door to great effect, but choosing the absolutely wrong place for cover… 10 karma
Siege: keeping the party from being surprised and killed by a bio-weapon in a Durham suburb, meeting and, through a lack of good judgment, making new friends in the party… 10 karma + “holy crap, what did I get myself into” bonus of 3 karma
Sunder: trying to put together his contacts, both literally and figuratively; holding a conversation on behalf of the party with a dragon… 10 karma
Zee: going into the closed system in Cuba and wisely, though not entirely helpful, jumping out, reviewing data and determining the next course of action for the party (hence the Malstrite meeting),… 11 karma


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