Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS

Kane's Work

Consulting Dragon’s AI program to see if any information received thus far correlates with what is known already.

“There is a likely match with a news article that was buried related to a failed AI experiment. Obviously not as sophisticated as moi. The room described seems to match the article. The article references a huge blackout of New York City Metropolis as being some form of coverup and not just a power outage. The article also indicates that communication service was lost as well, due to the lack of power. However, all communication networks use localized backup power systems, so the power grid should have had no effect on the communication network.

The paranormal biotechnology research is viewed as taboo by most of the scientific community. Those dabbling in it are considered crackpots by the establishment. However, Terrance Blake who is a sitting member of the CAS Intelligence Committee helped to push through funding for similar research to augment overseas embassies. He was successful, primarily because of Shiawase Central. This seems way outside of their portfolio as an energy megacorporation, but the discussions were typical capitol backroom, so no detail is readily available. However, the CAS’ Langley Airforce Base was to provide facilities for this research. The opposing political party chalked it up to more pork barrel legislation to help line the Shiawase already full pockets."

Kane calls Grummish about what he may have learned versus, comparing notes with him to see what matches up.

Grummish answers the call, though with audio only. You hear the all too familiar sound of shattering rocks from a concrete or stone wall and some small arms fire. “Hello Kane. I’m afraid I cannot talk at the moment.” You hear the sickening squish of something metal slicing through flesh and bone, along with the brief yelp and gurgling of someone. “The police seem to be unhappy with my work here in Taiwan.” Some additional automatic gun fire followed by “Lay down your weapons! This is the police!” in Mandarin.

11-8-2018 Session Notes

On the drive to the recon point. The first land rover entered a portal that appeared. Stopped just into the portal and it closes taking the front part of the land rover through the portal. Siege was in the first land rover.

The last land rover explodes with Zee, Kirah and Kaiti. The vehicle lands on the roof and the occupants are not injured.

Kane is in the second vehicle. Sunder is in vehicle 3. John is in vehicle 4 and Dana is in vehicle 5.

Then 3 hippogators came out of the water and next to the vehicle with Dana, the modified piasma appeared with a portal next to the vehicle.
John left his vehicle, shot at one of the hippogators which then charged his vehicle and pinned him under it. John gets out from under the vehicle and has jumped on the hippogator with 2 large survival knives. He stabbed one knife in the eye and the other to steady himself. Then kirah and dana attacked it and it died.

Dana rams the piasma with the land rover which it then killed one of the maidens. She exited the vehicle after the air bags also went off. Kaiti attacked the piasma and then the piasma bit the panther assault cannon and kaiti’s left arm. Kira attacked it full auto in its eye. And its barely alive but blind.

Kane took care of his hippogator that made it through his physical barrier.

Sunder transformed the third hippogator to a turtle. Then he attacked it with his flaming sword killing it.

Then we rolled perception checks…. Poor us.
And then this happened…

There is a western dragon near the sun which is obscure it. Sunder notices a large bomb is being dropped on Jeremy with a 50 foot radius blast. And the rest of us see the ground is transforming into a very large portal. What does Sunder do? He fires his laser spell at it to prematurely detonate it in the air above the group. It detonated and well, Sunder, Jeremy and Dana were in the blast with Dana taking 1 and the others taking 10 boxes of damage.

Kaiti fell through the portal that appeared under him because he did not notice it.

John is concerned that the western dragon will see him and he will have the same fate as us . It is Grendel Fly.

The remaining vehicles that were not damaged had their front ends ruined with wrecker from an unknown source.

Sunder tried to capture her wing in a portal and close it. He did succeed to have her wing clipped and she roared but stayed in the air.

Sunder is opening a portal back to the compound where we were watching.

Sunder and Zee use their hardware checks to find out that they can get it up and running in 5 minutes.

After several minutes, Sunder tries to get a portal to the local air strips. The plane is a six seat twin engine. Between removing all the seats and the interior dividers between the cabin and the luggage area with using the lighten spell, the plane can make it to the airport in Nairobi to leave.

Game Master Setup for Next Session
Setup can have more than one meaning...

Each player should roll a single d6 and post their number as a comment to this post. The number will be important to next game. You should roll and post here, even if you can’t make the next game.

Disclaimer: There may or may not be a benefit or penalty based on your roll…

11-1-2018 Game Session Notes

At Nantale’s compound, we met up with John and his merry 6 men (well one man and 5 women). While the maden hired him/them to find her and we brought her to her compound.

And having a chat with John after all the visitors were in their rooms and the staff locked downstairs.

In the lab under the compound has experimented with barghests augmentation.

Sunder and Dana go to take care of the visitors. While the rest of the party go down stairs with Nantale’s.

There is a work station with a 15 year old desktop computer. It has a progress bar that was first noticed at 97% and it completes. Then the doors click open.

Z enters the closed matrix with the desktop and runs into multiple programs. The matrix space seems to be shrinking. She jacks out of the system.

Upstairs, the barghests can be heard through the floor which Kati and John are scared.

Gold – 50 lbs (suit case size crates – 25 lbs in each) and 10 certified cred sticks in the money closet.

So the power and cameras go out and the barghests are missing… where the hell are they?

In the basement, Kira uses a flashlight and Kane can see it. And mana bolts it with some effect but not a kill shot.

The barghest attacks Nantale and takes a life ending bit from her as she screams.

They killed 2 downstairs and the rest came upstairs. Sunder let the barrier down to let the visitors run to saftey right into the barghests. They died.

The group set off two plastic explosives by the gas pump and in the main building where the 8 barghest were. Explosions were grand but we could hear howls as we drove away.

And the 4 vehicles headed to the John’s extraction point not in Uganda.

Nantale's Lodge
Zee's map from her camera control



A View From Outside
The gang gets their bearings on Nantale's compound

What was once a safari lodge for tourists became Nantale’s showplace, a venue to entertain guests and ply them with whatever vice, legal or otherwise, to get them to pull out their credsticks. While the design was open, with long buildings facing the road with plenty of darkened glass windows, the security discreetly kept watch over the place, almost invisible. Invisible to the untrained eye. The servants at the pool in the rear of the grounds dressed smartly in white suits carried trays and drinks for those being entertained. And concealed pistols. The valets managing the vehicles of visitors dressed similarly, also carrying weapons. In their station were HK-227 submachine guns, easily available. Supervisors dressed in black tuxedoes, very likely a light body armor concealing the difficult to conceal heavy pistols or machine pistols. Zee could see the PAN’s (Personal Area Network) of the supervisors… and the smartlinks and some cyberware. Not to mention the almost ubiquitous wireless cameras and sensors scattered evenly around the vast grounds. As Kane noted a magically active supervisor in the front of the building, Sunder observed one out by the pool. Astrally, four low grade air spirits patrolled lazily.

From the crew’s vantage point, the compound’s garage was closest. Inside were the cars and limousines of the guests, as well as several all terrain Land Rovers. Siege could see that many of the guest vehicles were customized, often with armor. The Land Rovers, though, would appear as any commonly seen one on the road in the more developed world, except the rigger knew they had been carefully rebuilt to appear normal, though the chassis was a dead giveaway. Two mechanics appeared to be working on some more mundane maintenance, but even they were armed with light pistols. Five drones silently meandered through the area, barely noticeable unless someone was looking, and indeed the crew was.

Just past the garages was the main building, the main entrance lavishly decorated in a style implying an African tone, just updated to appear modern and trendy. The armed valets chatted with each other since no vehicles needed moving. While they seemed casual and friendly, something Nantale herself wanted in terms of appearance, their supervisors were vigilant, scanning constantly and moving through a distinct pattern, even if intended to look random. Random could leave areas missed and unobserved. Well planned, heavily trained paths made sure everything was seen regularly.

The main building’s pitched roof included five “decorative” cupolas about three meters in diameter. Nantale knows, as the crew does, that they are in fact five, heavy anti-aircraft gun turrets, each incapable of reaching the grounds immediately by the building, but could reach the road. Ten concrete well caps disguised the turrets used to defend the grounds immediately around the builds themselves, each positioned precisely to ensure at least two such turrets could fire on targets near the building. In addition to the twin heavy machine guns, each turret could fire rockets capable of destroying lightly armored vehicles.

“What the fuck,” Kane says blandly. “Really? This is the showplace and not your main facility?”

“Must have something to do with a lack of piasmas,” Dana says wryly.

“Oh hey,” Kirah interjects, “I found one of the snipers that Nantale’s peeled grape told us about. Wait…” Kirah peers through her scope, adjusting its focus. “What the hell…” Kirah’s voice trails off.

“Network just went down,” Zee answers. “I guess someone’s doing us a favor?”

Klaxons suddenly wail bringing everyone, armed servants, supervisors, valets pulling submachine guns,… everyone. At the pool, guests were pulled from the patio covered by the servant/security guards to the relative safety of the main building.

“That’s a dead sniper on the far side of the compound,” Kirah says, revising her previous statement.

Sunder winces as he sees the mage in the front and the one out back almost simultaneously lose their brain matter out of the side of their head. Followed by the crack of two rifles, the sound of which coming from each respective side of the building. “Uh, so much for those guys,” Sunder says.

“Aw, its on now!” Katai shouts. “Let’s get down in the middle of that shit!” The big troll pulls up his Panther Assault Cannon. “Ole Betsy here wants to get herself some!”

Kane grabs Nantale’s throat throwing her to the ground, then stomps on her chest, pinning her. “Friends of yours?” he snarls.

Another round of on the spot Karma
Who doesn't want karma?

In the “get Nantale” plan’s execution, some points of note:

  • Zee gets 1 karma for enduring a new found phobia of Piasmas. Sunder welcomes you to the club!
  • Kirah gets 1 karma for risking literal life and limb to get a Piasma to chew on the end of her barrel, putting one of the beasts down for good.
  • Sunder and Kane each get 1 karma for the “open a portal and let gravity do my killing” maneuver. Okay, Kane probably didn’t kill his opponents, but it’s the thought that counts.
  • Dana gets 1 karma for proving, once again, that a monowhip is a tool for virtually any occasion, including melee with a really big, scary, cyber/awakened bear.
Spot karma awards

For his part, albeit potentially unintentional, in devising the plan to move the mines around causing mayhem in the compound’s guards, Kane gains 1 karma.

For releasing a Katai on an unsuspecting traffic jam, Kane gains 1 karma.

For driving “casual” past the rebel ambush on the government troops after securing less than ideal truck transport, i.e.: no rigger controls, Siege gains 1 karma.

Daxi District, Taiwan
A family reunion

In the crowded backyard of a modest family home, the Liāu family gathered from the eldest matron of 95 years old to her youngest great, great grand daughter of merely 3 months of age. The family transformed the home into a welcoming destination, with friends coming to pay their respects and provide well wishes. The reunion had been going on for several hours now, and any feelings of woe or stress had dissipated in the jovial interactions of family tied tightly together. In the abundance of food and drink, everyone cherished this one time when they could all sit in the company of one another.

The front door of the house and side gate of the backyard fence were wide open, a heavy planter at each filled with blooming flowers providing a fragrance reminding everyone of spring and rebirth. Howls of laughter and the constant murmur of overlapping conversations filled the darkening twilight, while the lanterns and street lights beat back the night. The reunion would go on all night were it the will of the Liāu family.

But it was not.

A finely dressed Ork came to call this evening, tapping his Ares Predator heavy pistol against the glass of the open front door. As the Ork extended his spurs, a young boy yelled in fright, dropping his toy to the ground. Everything seemed to quiet instantly, the festivities cut short…

Bodies littered the backyard, some having received deadly wounds on the front of their bodies in the meaningless attempt to stop or, at least, slow the assailant so that others may get away. Many others received single, fatal wounds. Perhaps an effort to spare them the pain of deadly wounds reaching their end slowly. Perhaps simply to be efficient. None would know why. The only surviving witness, and last of the Liāu family, a three month old orphan from a family that simply ceased to exist. An orphan crawling over the slick, bloodied remains seeking fruitlessly comfort from the loneliness.

A note remained, affixed by a knife stabbed through the middle of the fine parchment into the body of a young father:

wéi nǐ de zuì fù kuǎn… “payment for your sins”

Karma Awards! Yay!

Everyone gets 15 karma each. Don’t forget to add in any spot awards you may have received, noted in prior posts.

I’m increasing karma awards because of the large and numerous costs in karma given 5th edition.

Also, everyone can get their spent edge back.


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