Awakened Beasts

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Body: 15 / 5 armor
Quickness: 8
Strength: 25
Charisma: -
Intelligence: 2 / 8 perception
Willpower: 10
Essence: 6
Reaction: 8 / 2d6 initiative
Other: Reach +2
Attacks: claw, 15S; bite, 25S
Abilities: Fire Breath (at will, no drain, 15S)

These huge, white bears resemble in stature a grizzly bear, just much larger. Under its fur are armored plates of bone, limiting its running ability. They use their fire breath primarily to kill small prey and to melt surface snow in search of food. When attacked, it will use its fire breath until it can close to use a bite or claw. They are rare, living north of the arctic circle. However, in recent years, attacks by them have increased. Most people do not even realize they exist, however, native tribes in the area will know of them.

They possess some limited intelligence, and tend to live in packs. Attacking a pack of these deadly creatures is fool hardy, as they will coordinate an attack. They communicate through a series of grunts, growls, and body language. Some Native Americans have learned their communication in specific instances. This communication varies some from pack to pack.


Body: 15
Quickness: 4
Strength: 15
Charisma: -
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: -
Essence: none
Reaction: 4 / 2d6 initiative
Attacks: punch 15M, kick 18M, bite 10M, axe 18S
Abilities: Immunity to Mana/willpower attacks
Armor: Ballistic 9 (power 9 or less cause no damage), Impact 9

The constructs are devoid of life and are immune to mana attack spells, and can pass through mana barriers unimpeded. They are extremely tough, and take no damage from a wide array of small arms. Powerful magic is used to create and animate these things, and the construction requires an Orichalcum coin stamped with a human figure on both sides. The coin is about the size of a 50 cent piece, and are located in the skulls of these things. The coin is the grounding force for the magic used to animate them. If the golem is destroyed, the coin will lose its magical properties, aside from the fact that it is the precious metal.


Body: 3
Quickness: 15
Strength: 3
Charisma: -
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 4
Essence: 6
Reaction: 12 / 2d6 initiative
Attacks: bite, 4L
Abilities: Mental attack (force 6), Invisibility (force 10)

The “Whisperers” as the Gwich’en refers to them are large white foxes (e.g.: size of a 75 pound dog) who live solitary lives. They are generally fearful of humans, and thus will not often attack unless cornered. They hunt using their halting barking and growling to cause confusion in their prey. Confused prey often will take actions that threatens their own safety, like jumping from great heights, falling in freezing water, attacking much stronger opponents, etc. The Whisperer follows the prey, continuing to push the prey with their mind altering attacks until the prey eventually dies.

When used against sentient beings, this causes them to attack their compatriots, use weapons to commit suicide, etc. Fortunately, most sentient beings can resist the effects.
To avoid combat, the Whisperers have the ability to remain largely invisible, stalking their prey. Their thick coat also masks their heat signature, extending the invisibility. Because of their hunting capabilities, they are willing to attack larger prey animals like caribou, moose, and even bears.

Awakened Beasts

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