Here is a list of lesser known contacts and acquaintances.
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Diamondjack (male dwarf)
Areas of influence: Richmond, VA, CAS; Chicago, IL, UCAS

Bartenders/Merchants (legitimate or otherwise)

Mugsy (male dwarf)
Runs Mugsy’s bar, home for shadowrunners and those that want to be one.

Corporate Contacts

Katherine (female human initiate mage)
Katherine is a captain for Quest Services, the corporation that provides security to the Richmond area.


Dragon (female human decker)
Dragon is as mercenary as they come, demanding high fees for everything she does for others. This rate increases if she knows the “customer” is backed into a corner. She uses a Ruger Warhawk heavey pistol.

M_Dragon (female human decker) DECEASED
M_Dragon is another decker in the Richmond area that goes by “Dragon”, but her work is much different than Dragon. M_Dragon, or Matrix Dragon, is an expert at denial of service cyber attacks as well as the removal of matrix based security.

Mages and Shamans

Spitfire (female human initiate mage)
Spitfire is Grummish’s magical support when Sunder is not present. She assists him with maintaining the security of the ORC compound in Petersburg, Virginia.


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