Items and Oddities

Here is a list of the strange items that may have been acquired during the campaign.
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A datapad with the blueprints of the Aztecnology’s archology in Mexico City
A black, carbon-fiber, dikoted bastard sword found in Uxmal
A datapad containing a library of ancient runes of a long dead language found in Uxmal
A weird, frisbee-sized ring made of some kind of magical metal found in Uxmal
A Book of Golem Creation found in Mount Isto
A book discussing the life cycle of some type of race called “Windlings”
A book on “Practical Magiks”, or “how to use magic to power mundane needs, like light sources, levitation to ease manual labor, manipulation of materials to increase/decrease weight, etc.; found in Uxmal
A Cred Stick with 1 million nuyen on it
A Data Recording of private meetings in Goldstein’s office
A Satellite Communication Device that can connect wirelessly
12 glowing tiles, 6” square, 1" thick. Glows brightly.
50 crafted arrowheads
30 bearded face gold coins
30 Maiden face gold coins
6 swords; no grip on them, blade is somewhat pitted
1 8′×8′ Persian-style rug
1 large leather bound book titled “A History of His Majesty Tai Khan”
4 4’ diameter black iron cauldrons (left at the Grand Library in Nepal)
5 Large sachel anti-personnel bombs

NOTE: Crates below were left behind in a snowcat in the tunnel in the Himalayas.

Crate Grand Library A

4 candle golden sticks
2 lanterns made of steel-like material

Crate Grand Library B

Small obsidian Cursed Maiden statue (not magical)
2 candle sticks
4 lanterns
Tattered leather binding for several presumed books

Crate Grand Library C

What appears like a candle stick, with a small glass globe (like a map of a planet) attached to the top (activated by a light generating spell)
2 candle sticks
2 lanterns

Crate Grand Library D

A small, metallic covered book. It radiates magic and does have parchment pages
Tattered leather binding for several presumed books

Crate Quadrant 1, 2, 3, 4 (typical)

Several spoons
Knives, maybe used with a table setting
Some badly pitted metal plates and bowls

Crate Quadrant 3 (extra)

Small dish with a glowing stone in the center

Items and Oddities

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