Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS

Report from Occult Research

To: Mark Johns, EVP, Research and Development
From: Janet Dowery, Manager, Occult Research
Re: Humanoid cyberorganisms

Dr. Johns,

As you know, we have been working diligently deciphering the various texts recovered from the ancient sites in the Yucatan, Alaska, and Nepal. Of interest, and the subject of this report, are the construction of humanoid based cyberorganisms. Research suggests that such capability existed thousands of years ago, to essentially remove the humanity out of an organism and animate the remains into an semi-autonomous creature. The texts suggest that such creatures, depending on their composition, could sustain significant damage before being destroyed and does not exhibit the emotional restraints normally exhibited by organisms when threatened with harm or death. We have seen examples of such magics in those ancient sites, where what appear to be statues are able to move and act as autonomous constructs. Of course, you received notice from me based on successful experiments in Alaska, and, unfortunately, we were not able to secure the research subjects before the unexpected intrusion of an independent mercenary group.

These first experiments, while successful, utilized bio-organic or simple stone bodies, something common to their original design. This report is to confirm that we have had success creating cyberorganisms, constructed of materials far stronger and flexible than those primitive, ancient examples. We appreciate the faith you have in our project and your designation of the project as alpha priority. With those barriers removed, we accomplished a great deal, and we hope that you will continue to prioritize our projects.

The first batch of four cyberorganisms have excelled at all tasks assigned to them. However, the true challenge of the project has been control. With the help of the Omega class blood spirit, we were able to modify the formula and construction techniques to ensure 100% reliability of these cyberorganisms following our commands. While I will not bore you with the details, suffice to say that the trick involved the use of a modified strain of the CFD nanovirus to completely suppress the intellectual capacity of the human subject and replace it with our own variation of intellect constructed by the CFD alpha nanovirus. Unfortunately, complete control of the spread of CFD alpha cannot be assured and we have lost the monetary value of several of our security forces who were in too close proximity of the cyberorganisms.

Obviously, the monetary value of creating completely loyal combat troops and covert agents is staggering. I suggest that we bring in the marketing team to determine how best to sell this new magical technology. In the meantime, our first batch has been transferred to the corporate security arm of our company for field testing.

To our continued success!
Janet Dowry, Manager
Occult Research

EXCERPT from Aztechnology data files supplied by Mark Johns.


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