Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS

The Distraction

The front end of the car smashes its way through the wall of the house, causing the ceiling of the room to collapse. Katai, in heavy armor with his Panther Assault Cannon is pinned under the car. The car’s weight on the dilapidated row house’s floor gives way, sending the car, and Katai, into the basement.

“A car?!” screams Lazarus over the din of the battle. “A fraggin’ car?!”

“I’m going outside.” With his brief statement, Grummish jumps through the new opening. Grummish is almost not recognizable under the heavy armor, heavily damaged by slashing marks which tear open the armor in several places. Blood trickles out of the openings. The Maiden follows, screaming in a thick, guttural accent, “For the King!”

“Why’s the plan always, ‘Get him’?!” Lazarus ducks behind the remains of the brick wall, narrowly avoiding the grasp of a purplish tentacle entering through the window, it’s ivory claws visible in the sucker-like divots.

“Hey,” calls Moriarty with a chuckle, covered in similar heavy armor, scorched from some fire, the plastics of which melted down to the his skin. “At least I’m getting paid!” A column of fire enters through the wall’s remains from outside in the street, but they curve around Moriarty’s body, the shimmering of the small globe of magical protection surrounding him, sparing him from the deadly flames.

“Bite me!” Lazarus grabs his crotch with his left hand, and leans out with his sub machine gun in his right, spraying bullets outside.

“Ugh…” groans Katai over the radio. “Don’t catch cars… I’m gonna need a minute to dig out. Where the hell is my gun?!”

Grummish flies back through the opening in the building, crashing through the plaster and wood of the interior wall behind them.

“Jazz, where the hell’s my air support!” yells Lazarus through the radio. Jazz’s much calmer female voice replies. “I got two drones down, last two coming in hot.”

Another tentacle enters through the wall’s opening, tearing the helmet off of Lazarus, the hooks ripping through his skull, leaving part of his brain exposed underneath. He falls limp, dropping to the floor. Moriarty calls over the radio, “Lazarus is down!” Moriarty leaps across the room, covering Lazarus within the protection of his spell.

“We’ve beat you before,” chants Perfect the shark shaman fighting outside, “we will again!” A strange, high pitched whining, like a siren, can be heard from outside originating with Perfect’s spell. Fire licks through the windows and a screeching of what sounds like a hundred ravens can be heard, all the individual voices overlapping one another. A heavy thud hits the remains of the front wall over and over, causing dust to rain down inside the room. With each thud, Perfect’s groans can be heard over the radio.

Entering from the opening in the back wall, Grummish strides forward, his Ares Predatory heavy pistol in hand, each bullet fired punctuating each step he makes. The blur of a tentacle enters the room, placing Grummish in its crushing grip, pulling the ork outside.

Outside, a series of explosions occur, rattling the old building, causing much of it to finally collapse from the damage…


keithalanclark keithalanclark

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