Dana (aka Hexnar)

Dana (she is just the secretary type)


Dana’s description: Tall, olive complexion skin, brown haired woman with the length to just above shoulder length. She has steel blue eyes and an athletic build to her composure. She is usually dressed in a business suit (armored lined) with 2 AP2 or swords as appropriate or unarmed but does occasionally wear jeans and sweat shirts or a mission appropriate attire when necessary. Her normal attire usually includes a armored lined trench coat with the plates coated with dikote. She prefers using swords but can just as easily use a gun to handle the situation. (height – 6’ 1" , 145 lbs)

Body : (6) 10
Quickness: (6) 10
Strength: (6) 10
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 6
Essence: 0.06 (yes this is no joke – she is not even a trisket for a vampire and could be seen as astral background noise).
Reaction: 16 + 4D6

Wired Reflexes (3)
Smartgun link (both hands)
Data Jack
Cyber Eyes (Opt Mag 3, RF, LL, TH, FC)
Orthoskin (cultured – LV 2)
Enhanced Articulation (cultured)
Muscle Aug (cultured – lv 3)
Superthyroid (cultured)
Reflex Recorders (cultured – firearms and armed combat)
Emotion Editor – reduces fear (+1 willpower) and side effect of feeling good while having less humanity (be afraid – no further comment)
Note: Body left for Bioware – 0.7

Firearms – 10
Armed Combat – 10
Unarmed Combat – 10
Gunnery – 9
Thrown Weapons – 6
Projectile Weapons – 6
Pool/Billiards – 7 (yes she spent the karma for this skill)
Athletics – 5

Knowledge Skills:
Biotech – 5
Comp Theory – 6
Computer – 8
Etiquette – Corp – 6
Etiquette – Street – 3
Drive Car – 5
Interrogation – 5

Language Skills:
English – 7
Japaneses – 5
Korean – 5
Spanish – 3
French – 3
German – 3
Russian – 3


Background: Dana was a body guard for a fixer with much money and power (Benjamin was his name). His arrogance and his lack of preparedness got him killed. Dana was the inheritor of his assets & part of his fixing organization. She has basically left the fixing organization to Ben’s old second in charge Arika (based in NYC & New England). Dana and Akira are very good friends and help each other out when asked. Dana retained a large sum of assets from Benjamin. Dana is not a fixer nor wants to be one and worked out an arrangement with Galgoo to merged her assets with Galgoo’s organization to become partners with Galgoo and let Galgoo run the enlarged organization. The assets included several warehouse locations (Springfield MA, Richmond VA, Los Angeles , Denver, Seattle and London) , multiple houses: Springfield MA (1 lg estate and 1 condo), Richmond VA (2 large homes plus 2 condos plus Yandros’s house in the barrens on the river with build in boat house) , LA (3 homes including one located in Hollywood and one large ranch outside of the city with a small landing strip and hanger) and London (2 locations – 1 home in London proper and a large estate north in Scotland away from the public with a helipad and airport hanger facility on the estate), several multi-story office building (downtown LA used as a front for the legitimate import/export business to Asia region, small 4 story in Springfield MA, small 3 story in Monaco, 2 small 3 story buildings in Seattle, 1 small 2 story large entire block in Hawaii), 2 small industrial complexes (in Western Mass near Pittsfield MA with a hanger facility then a second multi-building facility in Dublin Ireland) and finally a small airport hanger facility in Richmond,Intl Airport and outside of Denver). There are assets in all locations and the warehouses are the most valuable with guns, vehicles (cars, trucks, planes, vtols, etc), tech equipment and various assets. The industrial complex in Western Mass has future income potential if Galgoo wishes to pursue that avenue. The second facility in Dublin Ireland is currently used for storage and is partially “rented/leased” out to a fixer contact named Snarkle an Orc).

Money currently: 11,825,500 nyen

Dana (aka Hexnar)

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