Shadowrun: Richmond, Virginia, CAS

Take one for the team

It was late, at least for the two spellcasters who had been up since who remembers when trying to learn the complexities of a spell written eons ago. Sunder looked more bedraggled than his counterpart Kane who takes special care of his appearance. Conversations had ended and now each poured over the written passages from their tablet computers, facets of which were translated by an expert team of magical theorists, both spellcasters and academics alike. Suddenly the silence of the dark conference room with it’s dimmed lights is broken by Sunder slapping his forehead with his hand. Then his body becomes slack, slouching further in his seat, his eyes open and rolling as his head shook left to right.

“Shit!” Sunder exclaims. “I—, wha—-, hm—-, AHHHH!”

Kane looked up, “What the hell?”

Sunder tosses the tablet, sending it skidding in front Kane. Kane looked down at it, reading the content.

“What the fuck!” Kane curses, shaking his head. “This shit just gets better and better…” Kane’s voice trails off.

“So!” Sunder says, “Who’s gonna take one for the team?!”


The spell requires the sacrifice of a magical, sentient being, like a spell caster, who has no essence loss and who gives his/herself willingly for the ritual. The leader of the ritual spell must kill the sacrifice in one stroke using a bladed weapon magical in nature.


What the fuck!

Take one for the team


Take one for the team

……….At what point did this turn into Arduin?

Take one for the team

Kirah’s just happy she can’t take one for the team!

Take one for the team
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